Mooting Judge Avoids Power Trip and Asks Reasonable Questions

In an unprecedented move, a competition judge has avoided a power trip while judging a moot between fellow students.

He didn’t ask one irrelevant question, only focusing on the moot problem and not resorting to condescending questions such as “and how do we interpret legislation? Walk me through it.”

He treated his position and peers with respect and was in no way lapping up his position of authority.

Industry insiders say that historically, mooting judges are supposed to be snidey so that they can show their friends ‘who’s the boss now, suckers.’

One mooting judge spoke to The Obiter on the promise of anonymity.

“We aren’t like that because we’re insecure and have chips on our shoulder. No way. That’s not the reason we work so hard at things. Why would you think that? Do you even know how to moot? No? Then bow down to me, mother fucker.”

The Obiter then received overly critical feedback on our interview style, despite the judge’s obvious inexperience with real life interviewing.